Transcenco Co., Ltd was founded in 2004, over the years, solid waste disposal and geosynthetics in the fields of development, consulting and implementation of the project, become the development of advanced technology industry practitioners and leaders. The central section is a close partner of international advanced environmental protection enterprises and high-tech materials enterprises. The company's headquarters is located in Beijing, and has branches in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Xinjiang, Chongqing and Taiwan, had offices in France, the United States and Burma.

"Comprehensive management of regional environment" is the new model of environmental undertakings pioneered by Transcenco. We summarize more than ten years of experience, introduce and integrate the key technologies of international maturity. Financial investment to stimulate advanced schemes to environment of the whole system method for specific area, comprehensive management and protection, combined with job training and public opinion, make the environmental elements lasting keep in good level, namely: 
  (1)Based on the effective high - tech technology, the environmental problems within a certain range;
(2)environmental management, environmental protection and environmental governance are carried out separately in the three stages of environmental impact and environmental risk before, during and after the event.
(3)Make the process route of each stage combine organically, formulate and implement the "management and protection" plan comprehensively and synthetically from the four entry points of emission reduction, hazard control, damage restoration and recycling;
(4)Put the hazards of environmental pollution "into prevention and control" and then carry out appropriate resource recycling and environmental restoration.

This model has changed the traditional "first pollution re-treatment, while environmental pollution, pollution control forget resources," to avoid environmental problems "headaches", costly and public out of control.

We believe that through long-term, forward-looking efforts, we will surely make a good and effective contribution to society.

Application solution
We created a new regional environment comprehensive management of the business model, here you can find the under different industry how to use the new pattern, know we provided according to different industry comprehensive and effective solution.
Technology and products
Transcenco Participated in research and development and application of a number of technologies and products, they are in the new mode of integrated regional environmental management how to play a role? What are the characteristics and advantages? Here contains a detailed technical description and description.
Download of technical data
Over the years, we have compiled, studied and applied a large number of technical standards and industry standards at home and abroad. At the same time, we have summed up many experiences in practice and compiled and compiled a number of enterprise standards and technical documents.
About us
Where are we from?Where does the branch extend? What is the responsibility? What progress have we made? Please come to understand us, trust us, let us serve you, help you.